Transcription Machines

Although speech recognition software is improving, in many ways, it’s still in development. Numerous programs and hardware options do exist that transcribe speech to text, and their efficacy is improving regularly. However, the oldest form of speech recognition technology, the transcription machine, remains the most reliable. specializes in transcription machinery and guides for careers in the field.  Read on to learn about this interesting practice.

With the advent of the cassette tape, transcription machines became enormously popular, finding their way to offices everywhere. Recording conversations is extremely useful and everyone from businessmen to students took advantage of this convenient record creating and keeping device.

While the devices have continued to evolve over the years, the cassette tape is still the most convenient and popular medium used. This is partly due to cassette tapes being relatively inexpensive and durable. However, digital transcription machines are being manufactured more regularly especially as software is being designed to allow for an easy method for digital storage. Digital transcription machines offer users numerous advantages, less storage space necessary, no need to buy additional types, and an improved interface for the transcription machine, making it much easier to use.

Since larger companies are choosing to use digital transcription devices, smaller businesses can take advantage of the reduced costs involved in buying more traditional transcription machines. By purchasing a used device, you will spend far less money than you would invest in a new machine.

What’s Up with Digital Transcription Machines?

While a digital transcription machine might be much easier, software is still being developed, and it’s not always reliable. Users will have to check generated text carefully for errors and there is an issue with the translation of certain phrases and sounds. Sometimes the specific meanings of entire sentences and thoughts can be lost with digital transcription machines. Traditional machines are far more reliable and small businesses and companies will absorb less risk initially by purchasing a traditional machine. has identified the main advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a transcription machine below:

Accurate Transcription: The best takers are unable to take notes as fast as people speak. Mistakes can be made; words and meanings can be missed leaving possible gaps in hand writer transcription efforts. Transcription machines may suffer from audio hiccups or poor volume, but it will always record everything stated, just as it was stated, leaving very little room for inferred interpretation.

Reasonably Priced: If you attempted to hire a human transcriber, you’d be paying a lot more than you would, purchasing a transcription machine. Admittedly, the machine does cost more than a pen and a notepad, but as a business expense, $30-$40 isn’t a great deal to pay for the work it performs. Used transcription machines can also be purchased for much less. These devices are most certainly affordable for even the smallest businesses and companies.

Atmosphere: It’s far less threatening for interviewees if a transcription machine is used rather than having their words recorded using a traditional notepad and pen. It’s easier to forget about the machine that sits there motionless than constant scribbling by an interviewer or transcriber.

Efficiency:  Simply put, transcription machines are much quicker at recording that we are at writing. No one could ever argue any differently.

The only real disadvantage that a transcription machine has is that it only records audio. For most purposes this is adequate, but as video observation and camera monitoring becomes more prevalent and convenient, transcribers and transcription machines are slowly becoming dated pieces of equipment. However transcription machines remain cheap and convenient, making it doubtful that they’ll ever be eliminated completely in the near future. It’s always possible that the machines themselves will evolve in design and functions, making them continue to be useful office supplies.

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